Art & Antiques – Building Boxes – Up – Down – In – Out

Up down in out moulding boxesUp – Down – In – Out – When I’m not busy with custom framing, I make stuff out of the leftover moulding. In the bottom right is a tiny frame that will be a tiny mirror – it’s made from cutting the moulding with the lip facing in like a traditional frame. Then I cut  the rest of the scraps with the lip facing out, or up or down! Same piece of wood – totally different look and uses. Then comes the fun part, by adding more, more, more layers of mouldings and vintage stuff and glitter wheels, I can make something totally fabulous and here’s the start to that one!

Watch for these and many more of my #upcycled items and #giftsyoufeelgoodabout at my shows this summer, and some are in my ETSY shop as well as great ideas for #valentinesday! PLEASE call me with framing projects as I haven’t left the house in days! #fineartservices #fineartfindings #upcycled #vintage

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