Upcycled & Vintage #artinquarantine

How is everyone holding up during these uncertain times? With all of the galleries closed and the art festivals cancelled or postponed, we have a little distraction planned for you tomorrow! I was invited by artist friends Deborah Shapiro and Vicki Prussak to be part of their first Towpath Online ArtFest Saturday, April 4, 2020. It’s starting at 10 am, but continuing, well, forever, because its online! This is a new concept, where we each made a short video of our booth like you would find at an art fair! So, I piled up all of my furniture in one end of my living room, and set up by booth! You can find these and many more of my #upcycled items and #giftsyoufeelgoodabout in my ETSY shop.

I know I always say to call me with framing, which you know I would love it if you do, but there will be a bit of a delay as I’ve turned the framing table into a sewing table to make face masks for those at risk, and well, all of us are at risk! So #staysafe #stayhome #artinquarantine #upcycledfacemasks #fineartservices #fineartfindings #upcycled #vintage

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