Upcycled & Vintage: the Peninsula Flea Aug 1, 10-4

Yes! There is a market on Saturday! And we have 2 more scheduled for August 15 and September 5, from 10-4. We are carefully following the CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe – read more here >>  https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2020/07/peninsula-flea-scheduled-with-social-distancing-measures-in-place.html

Shop from over 65 vintage and handmade vendors spread out across the lawn! I’ll be there with all of my of my #upcycled items and #giftsyoufeelgoodabout and #staysafe !

#upcycledfacemasks #fineartservices #fineartfindings #upcycled #vintage

Send me your email address to subscribe www.fineart-services.com
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Shop online anytime at ETSY  https://www.etsy.com/shop/fineartfindings

Find me on Facebook  Fine Art Services / Fine Art Findings  and join my Facebook Group!  Fine Art Findings, to see where I’m popping up next and find out about other area events! On Instagram @carolynbirchenall or @fineartfindings if you just want to shop! Call for help with picture framing and installation and marketing for your art and events! Carolyn 330-657-2228

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