Upcycled & Vintage: Planning the market season!

So excited to be planning an outdoor market season! You know you can find me at the Peninsula Flea and they’ve add more dates, June 5th, June 26th, July 3rd, August 7th, August 21st and September 4th, on Saturdays from 10-4. Most of the larger art fairs are not happening this year, so I’ve signed up for all the Peninsula dates! It’s a fun market, about 65 vendors, and food and now – MUSIC! These markets are closely following the CDC recommendations about mask wearing – I hope everyone has gotten their vaccine so you can safely attend!

Fairy Days at Heritage Farms is scheduled for July 17 & 18, 2021, 10-4, and there is a Magical Meadow Market of fairy gardens, and wings and magical things! It’s a little too much glitter for me, so you’ll probably find me at the customer service desk or off taking pictures!

If you’re shopping online, I try to update my upcycled and vintage items on here   www.fineartfindings.com in a scroll on the bottom of the page for local pick up – just ask! And If there’s something that you need from my etsy – just let me know and I’ll remove the shipping fees and we can schedule something! You’ll find lots of my of my #upcycled items, #giftsyoufeelgoodabout  fun #vintage and my Mom’s yarn! She used to own a fantastic yarn shop in Bath, and is ready to part with some of the yarn. #momsyarndestash

Lots of new fabrics for facemasks, or I can make something custom for you! These are the fitted style with a wire across the nose to keep your glasses from fogging, and to keep it from falling down, and a pocket to add a filter. You’ll even find some of your favorite sports teams, as requested by my grandson, for great gifts! As long as we need to wear them – lets have something nice!

Subscribe to these posts www.fineart-services.com or find the button way over on the right side. Find me on Facebook  Fine Art Services / Fine Art Findings  and join my Facebook Group!  Fine Art Findings, to see where I’m popping up next and find out about other area events!

On Instagram @carolynbirchenall or @fineartfindings if you just want to shop! Call for help with picture framing and installation and marketing for your art and events! Hope to be able to see you at a market! Carolyn

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