Upcycled & Vintage: lets start Holiday shopping!

Hi there, how are you holding up these days? Let’s start the holidays early this year, ok?

I’m in two online shows, so I made my ETSY shop into a temporary website – you’ll find it here  www.fineartfindings.com

Free local pickup is available – just let me know and I’ll remove the shipping fees and we can schedule something! You’ll find lots of my of my #upcycled items, #giftsyoufeelgoodabout , fun #vintage and my Mom’s yarn! She used to own a fantastic yarn shop in Bath, and is ready to part with some of the yarn. #momsyarndestash

I have new fabrics for facemasks, or I can make something custom for you! These are the fitted style with a wire across the nose to keep your glasses from fogging, and to keep it from falling down, and a pocket to add a filter. You’ll even find some of your favorite sports teams, as requested by my grandson, for great gifts!

The first online show is this weekend, and I’ll be on at 11:15 on Sunday, well, my video will be on – hahaha – It’s really a slideshow. This will be many artisans from the 40th Annual E.J. Thomas Christmas Show and will be posted live on their facebook page

click here >>> E J Thomas Virtual Christmas Show   

And the following weekend is the 35th Annual Beary Merry Christmas Show, and that’s in a facebook group, join here>> 35th Annual Beary Merry Show

Subscribe to these posts www.fineart-services.com or find the button way over on the right side. Find me on Facebook  Fine Art Services / Fine Art Findings  and join my Facebook Group!  Fine Art Findings, to see where I’m popping up next and find out about other area events!

On Instagram @carolynbirchenall or @fineartfindings if you just want to shop! Call for help with picture framing and installation and marketing for your art and events! Hope to be able to see you at a market next year! Carolyn

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